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One of our writers wrote a great essay and we thought that I should write an article about it. It is a work of almost a work of poetry. This essay falls in the type of essays called  “narrative essay“. After reading the essay, I can clearly tell that the writer in his essay is a male character. He shares his memories while narrating about a lover that he once encountered.

Style of Narrative Essay Writing

The writer has employed several language styles in this work. Also, the writer uses an elaborate language with a particular choice of words. After reading this narrative essay, it is notable that the tone of the essay is sad and resigned. Further, the mood of the essay keeps shifting as one goes down from one stanza to the other. Some of the mood created by the essay include: nostalgia, gloomy, solemn and that of loneliness. Besides, the writer uses short sentences while developing the stanzas throughout the essay. The brief sentences help to generate tension thereby creating greater impact on the reader. The brief sentences also prompt the reader to pause and think of what the essay is all about.

In my view, the writer attempts to create an impact of triggering the readers to reflect on individual’s feelings and longings. There is an element of openness that the writer aims to promote. Through the paper, the writer also gets a chance to freely share his own thoughts concerning what he feels. He is able to inspire the readers promote good act while condemning the unsuitable ones. The role of the essay in the society therefore remains to very fundamental.

Use of Words in Narrative Essay

The second stanza in the part labelled as ‘Suite one’, the writer repetitively uses the words ‘and here’ also ‘and over.’ The repeated words help to create rhythm and also assist to emphasize the writer’s idea. As a reader, the repetition increased my enthusiasm and raise my curiosity and I wanted to read on the paper. I find the mood in this stanza to be solemn. The writer intends draw the reader’s attention to a room where in the stanza that follows, he goes on to vividly describe his situation. The writer uses vivid description and as a reader I can picture him all by himself in a dark room. The tone of the persona at this point is gloomy. When the writer says,’ quietness, in me and the room’ a mood of loneliness is depicted.

Through keen analysis of the two stanzas, the writer has used only repetition and narration styles. The writer uses the words elaborately to pass the message. This is due to the need to be understood by the wide range of readers from all walks of life.

Other Word Usage

On the other hand, the writer uses several other figures of speech to put across his ideas in the paper. For instance, on the stanza titled ‘Flies’, the words ‘ceiling ‘and ‘making’ are rhyming. The Rhyming words make the essay more musical and makes it easier to memorize in a case of recitation. However, it is notable that there is an irregular rhyme scheme in the entire paper. Another style that has been used in the rest of the stanzas of the essay is alliteration. An example be drawn from the stanza with the words ‘skin, shuddered, secretly’. The use of alliteration in this essay is amazing.

Other than creating musicality, alliteration aids to create a particular mood in a paper. As I read the words in the essay, a mood of sadness and despair suddenly took a better part of me. allusion as a style has also been majorly used by the writer.

Hints At Someone’s Previous Works

In the stanza one of the stanza, the writer alludes to two books by Marianne Moore. In another instance, the writer also alludes to the Cypress Street. The use of allusion in the essay is a way through which the writer pays tribute to some people or places that he may be connected with in a way or another. Allusion also enables the reader to connect with reality and relate what is in the paper to real life. I would also like to highlight the employment of the enjambment style by the essay writer.

I observed that throughout the stanzas, the writer chooses to not use punctuation marks. This style lets the writer’s ideas continue from one line to the next. The style services to create a component of surprise or the reader and also enabling flow of thought. The level of tension which the enjambment style generates is also startling to a reader. It captures the attention and motivates them to read on.

Dialog Usage in the Essay

Furthermore, the essay writer uses dialog in the stanzas that lie towards the end of the paper. The dialog is between two individuals who are conversing but seem not to be reading from the same page. The character asking the questions wants to know certain things in order to understand the other party better.

Within the dialog, the writer has embraced imagery. This is seen where the writer mentions pears and apples and in the next part he writes “are you talking about process and individuation” which he then agrees to. It is clear that the dialog characterizes two parties that represent diverse views. Within the dialogues, other styles of grammar like alliteration, allusion and the use of rhyme have applied.


Conclusively, being, in our opinion, the best essay writer in Vancouver , who also works for us at in the essay expresses thoughts in a long piece of art. The essay which is developed on the first person narration uses various language styles like alliteration, allusion, dialog, rhyme, rhythm and imagery. These are meant to capture the reader’s attention, increase the musically of the piece, assist in creating a mental picture in the reader’s mind and help them to understand more. Essays ought to be embraced as it aids us to recognize and appreciate our surrounding.

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